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Salomon’s new project, Foyer, premiered last week in Salt Lake City and before it hits the internet, we wanted to start introducing the riders behind the movie. Featuring five up-and-coming riders on Salomon’s team tapped to spend half the winter in the U.S. and half in Europe, we hit each one up to learn a bit more about their last season filming. First up is Johan “Jo Jo” Nordhag from Sweden. Starting snowboarding at age seven, Johan is now 27 and his two decades strapped in is easy to notice the moment you see him riding. A natural on any feature in his path, he turned heads with his video appearances the past few years (Scandalnavians 2 + All Spice), and continues in the new film by Brendon Hupp set to release this week. Johan’s longtime partner, Ylfa Rúnarsdóttir, also just scored a cover from issue 1 this year! We caught up with Euro rider about his first big project filming in the US and more below! 

Johan minutes before finding bed bugs in Switzerland. p: Clavin

Johan Nordhag
Date of Birth: 1995.01.07
Home Resort: Kläppen Snowpark, Sälen, Sweden
Sponsors: Salomon and Airblaster 
Stance: Depends…whatever feel natural at the moment. 

Being from Sweden, is Swedish Fish your favorite candy? 
Um, I haven’t tried it. I haven’t seen that type of candy in Sweden, haha. They look awful man. 

You have never even had it? 
No! How is it? My candy of choice would be black licorice. I love that stuff. 

Oh, it is called “pastellfiskar.”
Oh yeah, I’ve had one or two. Not too good. Is that the same fish?

Johan Nordhag
Mountain goat in Grindelwald, Switzerland. p: Clavin

Yes. How long you been riding for Salomon? 
I think since 2017. 

What did it mean for you to film a part in the project this year?
It meant a lot for me. Being selected as one out of five riders to make a project and go film backcountry in the U.S. felt like somewhat of an achievement. It meant seeing and being inside of the American snowboarding scene for a little while and realizing how huge snowboarding is over there. It was just fun snowboarding with cool people in cool places. 

This was your first year filming in the US? 
First time for something big yeah.:) I’ve filmed for an advertising thing for Salomon at Holy Bowly in Mammoth once, but only for a week, you know.

How long was this time? 
A little over a month or so. 

Any major differences filming in the US as opposed to filming in Europe? 
I mean I think the process of filming a snowboarding movie is pretty much the same where ever you go. I knew the scene was a lot bigger in the US but I still got surprised over HOW big it is, being there filming for a while. You couldn’t compare the American scene to the European, especially not to the Swedish one. The scene is very small here in Sweden and there’s hardly any crews filming. 

How was it growing up in the Swedish scene? Who were the Most influential snowboarders to you?
It was nice! Having Kläppen Snowpark as my local hill was super dope. Plus having the snowboarding Academy in my home town brought a lot of like minded people that I loved to hang out with. As a kid the most influential boarder to me was a guy called Simon Ax, he was super good. He was riding for Nitro at the time and won some big air world cups. I used to spend my school hours drawing pictures of him doing tricks instead of studying. He only lived one mile from me but I’ve never met him.

Was it the Swedish boarding school with the national team? 
Nah, not the national team. It was a Swedish snowboarding “academy” school, I think you call it? So it didn’t really have anything to do with the national team. But we did go to some competitions with them although I realized after two years that competing wasn’t really what I wanted. 

So you went more the filming route. 
Yeah man, I only screwed around after I finished school and made my own season edits and posted stuff on Instagram, so Scandalnavians 2 was definitely my breakout! Then All Spice. 

And how was the year filming with the Foyer crew? 
It was good! It was interesting being assembled in a group of people you didn’t know from before. A good experience. First time for me doing that. Everyone in the crew has a different approach to snowboarding and everyone is stoked for each other. We all brought something different to the table! 

B-mo brought some insane big mountain stuff, Goop with the buttery effortless style. Emma rides with such power and strength, and Gian with a very clear vision, like a well-thought-out plan for a trick or spot.

And Hupp brought some experience as well to the project. 
Filming snowboarding with Hupp is very easy because he is so good at it. He knows exactly what angle a certain trick needs. And if I would have some visions of angles he would never be a dick about it. Hupp is such a nice guy, very polite to everyone he meets.

Johan Nordhag Salomon Foyer Movie Snowboarding
The crew.

So your favorite spot in the US was Mt. Baker?
Yeah I loved Baker, I love the terrain over in Baker. I didn’t get to explore that much though due to bad weather but I just love how it seemed like a place with endless possibilities. Every thing from drops, big kickers, small kickers and so on. 

How did you like Pittsburgh? 
Haha, well I cracked my ribs on the first spot then I was out for the rest of the trip. I’m not crazy about Pittsburgh. 

Any positives? 
It was obviously great to see Emma, Goop and Gian go nuts in the streets.

Backcountry verses street? 
I’ve just always been more into jumping, tweaks and airtime. I also enjoy the process of building a kicker out in the mountains, the taste of freedom is sweeter up there, haha. 

You have a favorite trip from the year?
I’m gonna have to go with Grindelwald (Switzerland). I loved the vibe up in those mountains. Super mountains and cool terrain, suited to my taste. Grindelwald, minus the bed bug situation, hehe. 

Johan Nordhag Foyer Salomon
Right before landing on a rock (and still riding way) in Grindelwald, Switzerland. p: Clavin

Oh yeah, the bed bugs, and you almost hitting a rock. Landed on a rock in the landing, still rode away. You have a lot of “one and dones” this season?
Duuude, that was scary stuff! I felt like I did let go of the grab a little bit early on the back seven but I really didn’t wanna hit it again, haha. Just a dark hole in the landing, ha. Yeah, I had a couple. I normally don’t try new tricks in backcountry, so I stick with the ones I know! Haha. 

It is almost election day, so maybe we can get some politics into this interview. Trains are a hot topic in the US every election. How about the trains we took all over Switzerland and France? 
That was nice, haha. That was really nice. I love traveling by train. Its so relaxing, you can’t do anything to effect the ride.

Have you seen the movie yet? 
Yes I have! I saw it at the High-Five festival in Annecy. Super excited for everyone to see it! I think it’s really good.

What was your favorite board to ride this year? 
I actually rode two all year. The Dancehaul because of its playfulness and because it’s wide. Highpath because it feels so stable. Those two boards work very well for me in both back country and park riding. 

Anything else coming up this winter? 
Something else is on the radar this year!

Johan Nordhag Salomon Foyer snowboarding
Jojo! p: Clavin

Closing words. 
Be humble, be hungry, and always be the hardest worker in the room, hahaha. Jk. Nah man, I don’t think so! Go watch Foyer