Use Phantom Once and Never Wax Your Snowboard Again

We all like going fast. Burning through fresh corduroy with a lower-than-low euro carve is one of those indescribable feelings that we are always chasing on our snowboard. We are right there with you.

But going fast and staying fast require continual maintenance and tuning, a process that is less than ideal for the average weekend warrior. Paying to routinely get your board tuned will add up quickly, and regularly tuning your own snowboard is cumbersome, requiring a heap of gear and time.

Welcome Phantom from DPS Skis, (yes, our two-plank clanker friends are going to help us out on this one.)

PhantomBox-mock2 A Phantom package includes: Two pouches of Phantom (approx. 15 ml per pouch which is enough for one snowboard), a microfiber cloth and a brush for base finishing.

Phantom is permanent base glide treatment that’s guaranteed to forever change how you tune your snowboard.

Developed by a team of chemists and material science engineers, Phantom’s patent-pending formula creates a hydrophobic environment that offers three undeniable benefits via, “an advanced free radical polymerization approach.” In layman’s terms, Phantom is applied once, penetrates the base of your snowboard and lasts forever. Yes, you read that right. Phantom only has to be applied once. Unlike wax, which stays on the outside of your base and wears off quickly, Phantom penetrates the base and will continue to provide glide even after you grind your base down through multiple tunes. It provides a consistently fast glide across snow through a broad range of temperatures and conditions, and is made up of non-reactive chemicals that are safe for both the user and environment.

What’s even better? Starting today you can purchase Phantom at a discounted rate through its Kickstarter launch.

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More from Phantom:

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – November 1, 2017 – DPS Skis, innovators of carbon skis and snowsports technologies since 2005, introduces Phantom – a permanent, one-time application base-penetrating formula that forever eliminates the need for waxing skis and snowboards. Available now through a 30-day Kickstarter campaign with special early bird pricing, the disruptive solution ushers in a new era for the future of snowsports.

“Phantom’s approach is a truly innovative scientific advancement. It’s a recipe that simply works day after day, tune after tune, and forever fundamentally changes our conception and approach to fast-running boards designed for daily use,” said Stephan Drake, founder and CEO of DPS Skis. “We came across a history of different alternative solutions attempting to solve the wax problem, but nothing was deemed competitive. We then began a developmental relationship with a group of top material scientists to research and attack the problem via an advanced free radical polymerization approach.”

Developed by a team of expert chemists and material science engineers, Phantom’s patent-pending formula creates a hydrophobic environment that offers three undeniable benefits. First, unlike wax, Phantom is only applied once and permanently alters ski and board bases to make them both faster and harder for the life of the product. Second, Phantom offers consistently fast on-snow gliding performance across a broad range of conditions and temperatures. Third, and most importantly, Phantom is made up of non-reactive chemical functional groups that are both inert to the environment and safe to those applying it – something that traditional waxes have never been able to achieve.

Initial research and development was extensive, with 50 compound variations having been explored and tested in both the laboratory and in the mountains of Utah, Chile and New Zealand. Lab results of the final formula correlated the hydrophobicity, coefficient of friction, shore hardness and full base penetration with test ski days in every condition, including manmade snow, midwinter groomed snow, fresh powder and warm spring snow.


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