Zeal Optics Introduces Portal//RLs Goggle With //Rail Lock System

We’ve all been there, you’re having a killer, bluebird day with your friends. Then, 2:00 p.m. hits, and out of nowhere come the heavy, grey clouds to chase away the sun. Luckily, you remembered your low-light lenses and plan to swap them in on the next lift ride. But when you take out your extra lenses on the lift, you remember how much of a fuss it is to pull the lenses out of the frame. You get fingerprints get all over them just trying to pop them out carefully. Then they almost fall out of your hands down into the wooded zone where they’d be lost forever …

Thankfully, Boulder, Colorado-based company, Zeal Optics, has created a technology to make this usually fumbling process much more efficient.

Introducing (drum roll please) … Zeal Optics’ //Rail Lock System (//RLs). This patent-pending technology uses a dual sliding-rail system that helps the desired lens slide gracefully into place. The security of the //Rail Lock System is further solidified with a magnetic connection that ensures the lens will stay in place, even if you do end up cartwheeling down the back bowl.

The first pair of goggles to utilize Zeal Optics’ //RLs is The Portal//RLs. The Portal was designed from the wearer’s perspective — from the inside looking out — to optimize the full viewing experience and total peripheral vision. The perfectly sized rimless design and spherical shape is not only beautifully crafted, but when you catch air you’ll be able to spot landings easier, and when you’re riding through questionable terrain you’ll be able to better visualize any foreign obstacles in your path.

ZealOptics_Portal_Action_Ride-web Austen Sweetin utilizes the Portal // RLs when launching into pillow zones like this.

So, if you’re in need of some new goggles — let’s face it, you probably are — Zeal Optics’ Portals are a pair you can feel good about purchasing, and they’ll offer no-fuss each time you need a lens swap this season thanks to their new //Rail Lock System.

Learn more about the Portal //RLs from Zeal Optics

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