Over the past few seasons, the size runs of benchmark snowboards have been expanding in annual collections, both when it comes to new releases and time-tested favorites. These genderless snowboards eschew traditional size, style, and graphic distinctions between men’s and women’s lines and instead, simply give riders what they want in both performance and aesthetic. This means snowboards that excel in the terrain that a person is particularly interested in, scaled proportionately and appropriately for their weight, foot size, and body structure, and that also deliver art that is compelling and accessible to anyone. By focusing on boards that can be ridden by a wide breadth of individuals, brands are able to expand available sizing, offer more choice, and through that, create more fun on-hill experiences. In short, genderless snowboards mean more options for everybody. And that’s awesome.

This is particularly exciting for snowboarders who find themselves at either end of the sizing spectrum. For someone that rides a board somewhere in the 150s, there are generally a myriad of options, especially when it comes to unique designs as manufacturers historically try more experimental ideas in this common size range, which makes sense. But require a board that’s on the smaller or larger side of things and the selection narrows significantly. Genderless boards are changing all of that and every year, there are more intriguing snowboards to check out that are available to more and more riders. It’s an exciting time in snowboarding to ride really fun snowboards, so in preparation for the upcoming winter, we selected a few of our 2024 favorites and had a crew of different-sized humans put them through the paces.

Arbor Veda
Ride Deep Fake
Burton Family Tree Short Stop
Salomon Dancehaul
Rome Ravine