It’s official. The 2023-24 season will start at Mammoth Mountain on Friday, November 10th! The record-breaking season of 2022-23 is still fresh in our memories and it’s already time to begin again. The beauty of the seasons.

As we get ready for Chair 1 to open on the 10th, here are a few stories from the past season.

Blizzard Photos from November

We turned to photographer Andrew Miller for updates whenever it snowed in Mammoth and his striking imagery painted a picture from the heart of storm.

p: Andrew Miller

12 Feet of Snow in Mammoth – Photos from Andrew Miller

Miller provided a glimpse into the Eastern Sierra storms last December, just as things were getting going at Mammoth.

Jimmy Goodman. p: Andrew Miller

There’s Nowhere Else to Put the Snow and It Just Keeps Dumping

The record-breaking snow year had a massive effect on the town of Mammoth Lakes and its residents. Trucks carted snow out of the area as the logistics of town operations were strained. We talked to Wave Rave marketing manager, Todd Robertson, about what it was like living in Mammoth Lakes last season.

p: Todd Robertson

Mammoth Mountain is Two Inches Away From Breaking Its All-Time Snow Record

Of course, Mammoth did break the record.

p: Peter Morning/Mammoth Mountain