Who doesn’t want to see Bode go upside down with one foot strapped in? | Photo: Cole Martin

Contrary to what that goofy little marshmallow might lead you to believe, High Cascade actually has a hell of an adult program. If you want to be able to walk to the bar and sit next your favorite pro, well, you just might be able to do that while you’re at HCSC. If you want world-class coaching in one of the most creative and best flowing summer parks we’ve ever ridden, High Cascade has that too. See what High Cascade had to tell us about why you should consider a spending a week in Govy with them.

Why it’s cool for adults, what sets it apart?

HCSC Adult Camp offers the same world-class on-hill coaching and facilities that we offer to youth camp packaged with a premium off-hill experience. Adult campers have access to all our off-hill facilities and activities such as the street course, mini ramps, skate bowls, dodgeball, kick/sloshball, foam pit, trampolines, waterfall hikes, tuning clinics, mountain biking, and much more. Adult camp has separate, privately catered dinners each night both on and off campus, that are commonly attended by the various Signature Session guest pros. HCSC takes our youth camp and refocuses the programming to accommodate an adult clientele.

Adult campers and coaches pelting each other at the dodgeball court next to Cobra Dogs. Photo: Danny Rhee
Adult campers and coaches pelting each other at the dodgeball court next to Cobra Dogs. | Photo: Danny Rhee


After dinner, HCSC offers some light camp programming along with some time for campers to relax and digest at their house. We provide each house with a 10 o’clock “quiet time” cutoff for campers who want to hit the hay and get a good night’s sleep so they can ride as hard as possible every day on-hill. Campers are welcome to hang out at their houses after 10:00 if they want to keep it mellow, but anyone looking to socialize, shoot some pool, or have a drink with their coach can head to one of the two bars in Government Camp, Charlie’s Mountain View and the Ratskeller. Most campers opt to head out to Charlie’s during the scheduled Karaoke night (in addition to a few other nights during the session), and many can be found at the Rat on departure night for one of DJ Matty Mo & Castro’s infamous Drat Pack dance parties.

Adult camper singing karaoke with HCSC coach, Colin Spencer. They give away snowboards and such on karaoke night. | Photo: Aya Doue

Other activities?

In addition to all the activities listed earlier, adult campers can also opt to go whitewater rafting on activity day and are welcome to participate in various additional activities around camp during their session. Check out for more info.

If you've never walked through the woods in Oregon, you're blowing it.  Photo: Aya Doue
If you’ve never walked through the woods in Oregon, well… you should. | Photo: Aya Doue


HCSC offers chalet-style housing for all of the adult campers. Our chalet housing is comprised of houses in Government Camp that serve as vacation rentals during the winter. Campers can expect to find their housing to be comparable to, if not better than, what they would find if they were to rent a ski house during the winter. Campers not interested in staying in an adult camp house can choose our “Everything But Lodging” option and book a room at the scenic and historic Timberline Lodge, Huckleberry Inn, Collins Lake Resort, Mount Hood Inn, or any other local lodging options. We also offer a “Coaching Only” option for campers who are uninterested in lodging, activities, and meals.

Danny Davis grabbin' tail at High Cascade.  Photo: Greg Furey
Danny Davis grabbin’ tail at High Cascade. | Photo: Greg Furey

Coaching format?

Each coaching group has between 4 to 7 campers grouped together based on skill and what campers want to ride. Campers are on-hill by 9:30-10:00 and ride with their coaching groups until lunch, usually around 12:00-12:30. After lunch campers can opt to continue riding with their group or attend any of the afternoon on-hill clinics offered on every style feature along with a free ride clinic.

New for 2013 is the Free Ride option during Session 1 for campers who aren’t primarily park focused. Campers spend the first half of the day riding the entire mountain with the option of either free riding or heading into the park in the afternoon. We also offer Soft Start programming for adults during Session 1 aimed at campers who have never snowboarded or who want to master the basic mechanics of snowboarding before hitting the rest of the mountain.

There is also a premium private coach option for campers looking to maximize their learning and progression during their time at camp.

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Adult campers at the top of Timberline, ready to rip. Photo: Danny Rhee
Adult campers at the top of Timberline, ready to rip. | Photo: Danny Rhee

How many other adult campers?

Each session hosts between 20 to 40 adult campers.

Oldest camper hosted?

HCSC adult camp regularly hosts campers in their 60s and accommodates anyone age 21 and older.

Cost of camp/dates of sessions for adults?

Session 1: June 15-22, Freeride and Soft Start Programming Available at no additional cost
Session 5: July 26-August 2
Session 6: August 5-12

All-Inclusive Sessions are $2,195
Everything but Lodging Sessions are $1,795
Coaching Only Sessions are $1,295

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