Adult Camp: Powder and barrels at Evolve Chile

evolve-topYou don’t even have to go to the coast to get barreled.

This week we’re taking a look at another South American camp option for adults, Evolve Chile. If things like snowmobiles, massage, gong therapy, partying ’til dawn, or untouched pow strike a chord with you, keep reading. Oh yeah, and goofy footers rejoice, because they’re claiming world class lefts down on the coast. Here’s what Evolve had to tell us about their program for the big boys (and girls, of course).

Why it’s cool for adults, what sets it apart?

At Evolve Chile, Nevados de Chillan is just up the road from our lodge and is the local mountain. On a powder day, you can shred lines inbounds for days after a storm without fighting for freshies. One thing that really separates Evolve from other camps is that when the mountain begins to get tracked Evolve has 4 company Skidoo XP800s to privately session the backcountry while the rest can only admire from a distance. You can literally ride from the doorstep of the lodge outside Las Trancas directly to the mountain. Once there, guests can do sled laps or head out on some sled accessed touring.

When your Evolve session comes to an end you can head to the coast and surf some of the best lefts in the world, as well as learn to surf and spend a day or two checking out Valparaiso, Vina Del Mar and the coast of Chile, before heading back to Santiago.

evolvechile_front3poke Don’t fret, park rats, it’s not all deep and untouched in Chile…


The nightlife in Chile is some of the best in the world. Parties start late and go off until long after dawn. While in Las Trancas, parties usually start at the lodge with a few Pisco Sours, VintageChilean Red, or a cold beer before heading into the actual town of Las Trancas. It’s a small town with only a few bars but it gets pretty wild. People come in droves from Santiago and surrounding areas to party all night long. The other homebase at Valle Nevado is also a party hub. You can send it at the hotel or catch a ride to Blue Tambo at Farellones. Pros will leave some in the tank if they hope to properly rage their last nights in Santiago. Going out in the Chilean capital is an adventure. Don’t even think about setting out until after midnight and don’t plan on going to the airport early. Seriously.

Other activities?

For those who can’t squeeze in enough riding during the day, there’s a mini park set up in Evolve’s backyard that features a couple of rails and a c-box. Massages, gong therapy, pool, wine tours and tours of Santiago are also part of the experience.

evolvechile_deep…but there is plenty of deep and untouched.


The lodge is top notch. Nestled in the Shangri-La Valley (minutes from Las Trancas), you instantly realize that you have chosen wisely. The lodge is quite new and no detail has been left to chance. It was designed to feel more like a home than a hotel. The beds are super comfortable, the staff is friendly, the food is gourmet and the hot tubs and sauna are only steps from the furthest bedroom. The perimeter of the lodge was built of volcanic rock from a nearby Volcano that erupted hundreds of years ago.

Home base is at the world-renowned operation, Valle Nevado, where guests are housed at the lovely Hotel Tres Puntas. It has a full gym, outdoor pool and several delicious restaurants to choose from. If you’re looking for an upgrade you can check out the other two hotels on the property.

evolvechile_poolHopefully this thing’s heated.

Coaching format?

Evolve provides professional coaches to ride with, and instruct our adult guests. In the past, our guests had the opportunity to shred with the likes of Nick Visconti, Jason Robinson, Curtis Woodman and Geoff Brown. If adult guests want to ride on their own they are free to do so, but typically everyone rides as a group with their coaches and guides to ensure the maximum experience. Coaches will help you to push the limits and achieve your goals no matter what your level or discipline.

evolvechile_housefisheye Sure, we’d stay here for a week.

How many other adult campers?

At Roca Negra, there is space for 30 guests, while Valle has virtually unlimited space. That said, there’s an average 20-25 guests for a week of adult camp.

Oldest camper hosted?

A while ago there was a super gnarly 56-year-old shredder from Costa Rica. Not only did this guy rip the pow, but he owned waves as well! There’s no discrimination at Evolve, but you do need to be at least 19 to join the adult program.

Looks pretty comfy... Looks pretty comfy…

Cost per session/what that includes?

The price of camp is $2,899. This includes all ground transportation, breakfast and dinner daily, lift tickets, accommodations in shared occupancy, pro coaching and guiding and optional instruction. Flights and lunches are extra.

For more info check out

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