Yearning for turning: Antti Autti joins the team at Korua Shapes

Over the past year, Korua Shapes has effectively owned the carving video space with one of our favorite series, “Yearning for Turning.” Another unique individual, Antti Autti, has forged his own path through snowboarding, leaving competitive snowboarding far behind and “choosing his own line,” if you will. Antti has been a great friend of ours, as we have worked with him on his own series over the past two years, Statements.

Now, the two have joined forces.

Antti is the latest addition to the growing team at Korua Shapes, a small, relatively new brand forged from the minds of Stephan Maurer and Nicholas Wolken. Rooted in the love of the turn, the board designs reflect their inclination to enjoy what the entire mountain has to offer—groomer or powder. And with a clean, white topsheet, the minimalist design complements their focus on crafting a dynamic shape that performs in all conditions.

Congrats Antti, we know you’ll fit in just fine. Read the official release from Korua Shapes below.

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Antti Autti Korua Shapes snowboarding Finland Antti yearning for turning on the groomers of Pyhä Ski resort with the colors of Arctic Night lighting his way down. | Photo: Jani Karppa

Finland’s prime backcountry rider Antti Autti has joined forces with the like minded people at Korua Shapes. Antti’s snowboarding has taken him from climbing on top of podiums to hiking up remote mountains in the backcountry. Hence, his tool box has been in need of updating. With Korua Shapes’ surf-inspired quiver ideology, Antti has a choice of the perfect board for any condition.

With matching philosophies, Antti and Korua Shapes seem to be something way more powerful than just a mere match, we are talking about a love on first sight in the gondola.

Antti elaborates, “Korua Shapes boards are exactly what I’ve been dreaming of for a while now. I’ve been yearning to have a quiver of boards to suit the terrain and my mood. As I’ve been a pro for over 15 years and filled my life with snowboarding, it has become a bit harder to get that “YEEHAW” feeling every day while riding. Obviously on epic powder days and when riding steep lines it’s easy to achieve, but on those everyday runs on your local hill it has been harder and harder to find. Now with a quiver of shapes I can pick up something that gets my heart racing just carving down groomers and the “YEEHAW” is there everyday. I guess its obvious that I’m super stoked on this partnership.”

Antti’s long time riding buddy, and now teammate / boss, Nicholas Wolken is exhilarated to have Mr. Autti on board the Korua Shapes.

Nicholas chimes in, “Antti’s passion for snowboarding is bigger than ever, and that’s what we are looking for. We are happy to have such a good friend and amazing rider in our crew!”

As far as perfect matches go, this one has to be on the peak of them.


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