Yuki Kadono and Jamie Anderson take top slopestyle honors at the 2015 Burton US Open

March 6th at the 2015 Burton US Open presented by MINI was 100% slopestyle and better conditions could not have been any better for progression. What transpired today at Vail Mountain only added to the legend of this event, with Yuki Kadono and Mark McMorris recording historic milestones in men’s slopestyle as well as a dominating five-peat for Jamie Anderson.

The story of women’s slopestyle this morning was Spencer O’Brien landing a gigantic backside 900, and yet coming up short on the judges’ scoresheets. With no intention of downplaying the legitimacy of both Jamie Anderson and Anna Gasser’s runs, the determination that Spencer has to push past the preconceived limits of women’s snowboarding is nothing short of extraordinary. Though it ended in a fall, Anna tried putting down a cab 900 on the first jump, a run that could have possibly taken the event. But it was Jamie’s solid rail section and adaption of the quarterpipe first-hit that solidified her top spot and 2015 title.

27 competitors passed through the staging area of men’s slopestyle this afternoon but there is no doubt that Yuki Kadono earned his place as the top rider of the day. Coming off of another historic win at Air + Style LA, Yuki adapted the trick that won that event to the bottom jump of the Burton US Open: the switch backside triple cork 1620. Even more remarkable is how he did a backside triple 1620 on the feature prior, a first not only for the US Open but for the history of snowboarding.

In unforgettable fashion, the tradition of progression continued today at the 2015 Burton US Open presented by MINI. Congratulations to all of the competitors, podium and not, for showcasing snowboarding to the spectators of Vail Mountain. Now go enjoy yourselves.

Men and women’s Burton US Open Slopestyle highlights

Winning runs:

Jamie Anderson: T1: Cab 50-50 backside 180 out, T2: Switch boardslide to regular, T3: Boardslide 270 out, T4: Cab 540, T5: Cab 720 Nosegrab, T6: Switch backside 540
Yuki Kadono: T1: Switch backside 270 on, 270 out, T2: Lipslide to fakie, T3: Cab 50-50, backside 360 out, T4: Fronside double cork 1080 Mute, T5: Backside triple cork 1620 Mute, T6: Switch backside triple cork 1620 Melon

2015 Burton US Open slopestyle official results:

1.Jamie AndersonUSA52.7538.2090.95
2.Anna GasserAUT46.5536.0082.55
3.Spencer O'BrienCAN45.8536.2082.05
4.Enni RukajarviFIN44.8536.0080.85
5.Cheryl MaasNED41.6030.0071.60
6.Sina CandrianSUI38.5028.0066.50
1.Yuki KadonoJAP51.0539.0090.05
2.Mark McMorrisCAN52.0035.8087.80
3.Tyler NicholsonCAN46.4030.8077.20
4.Sven ThorgrenSWE48.6028.2076.80
5.Niklas MattssonSWE45.9029.4075.30
6.Eric BeaucheminUSA46.3025.4071.70
7.Torstein HorgmoNOR41.1027.0068.10
8.Mons RoislandNOR39.4024.2063.60
9.Stale SandbechNOR43.6015.6059.20
10.Seppe SmitsBEL32.754.0036.75

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