Adult Camp: Get buck in the barn with Woodward at Copper

taylor_copper_frontlip Front lip in the Woodward at Copper park. Photo: Casey McCallister

There was a long period of time when going to snowboard summer camp here in the States meant one thing: Oregon. Just within the last couple years, Woodward has changed that by expanding from skateboarding, BMX, and gymnastics, (maybe scooters and rollerblades too), into snowboarding. They now have two year-round facilities geared toward snowboarding, one at Boreal and one at Copper. Woodward at Copper is less than a couple hours’ drive from us here at the Snowboard Mag office, so we’re well familiar the amenities offered and the fun to be had, but we’ll let them give you their own take.

Why it’s cool for adults, what sets it apart?

During Adult Week, Woodward at Copper offers separate adult participant groups, coaches, and programming to really cater to the grown up crowd. Enjoy all the benefits of progressing your snowboard skills at camp, but without little groms getting in your way. If you still enjoy your inner child, Woodward at Copper encourages adult campers to come during our 10 and up weeks too. This is the best option for adults who never went to snowboard camp as a kid, or folks who want to re-live the best summer of their lives. New for summer 2013, Woodward at Copper is inviting parents to experience summer camp with their little rippers. That’s right, if you are more comfortable coming to camp with your 8 to 12 year old, we encourage it during Grom Week.

barn5 This is what the Barn will look like after renovations… kind of.


Enjoy the local drinking establishments in Copper Mountain’s Center Village, or venture out to the local hangouts around Frisco and Breckenridge.

Other activities?

In addition to two summer terrain parks, one that is lift serviced, and the upcoming Barn renovations (you can track the progress here, Woodward at Copper offers adult focused activities like pub crawls in Breckenridge, beer pong tourneys at Mullligans, morning yoga sessions, and more.

Trampolines: often more dangerous than actual snowboarding. Fortunately, the staff at Woodward at Copper is attentive to the pads. | Photo: Tripp Fay Trampolines: often more dangerous than actual snowboarding. Fortunately, the staff at Woodward at Copper is attentive to the pads. | Photo: Tripp Fay


Get the true camp experience with dormitory style rooms in the EDGE, or live it up with multiple options through Copper Mountain Lodging.

Coaching format?

We keep our groups small to create a better learning environment. We typically have no more than 6 adults per coach. We ride about 4 hours a day, and session in the Barn in the afternoons and evenings. Our coaches will break down tricks into easily definable steps and make sure you master the basics with good technique before moving on to harder tricks.

How many other adult campers?

Woodward at Copper averages 10-25 adult campers during the Adult Week, and about 1-2 adults during the ten and up camp weeks.

Oldest camper hosted?

So far it’s 46, but there is no age maximum.

Cost of camp/dates of sessions for adults?

Adult Week is June 16th – 22nd, and starts at $1,699. Our ten and up sessions run weekly, June 23rd through July 21st starting at $1,499. Ladies save $100 if you book by June 1st with the code GirlsCamp.

Need some more convincing? Check out this video of Woodward at Copper regulars, the Hobos, riding the park this winter.

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